Monitoring 33. Kasseler DokFest

The exhibition Monitoring as part of the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival shows 16 media installations by international artists, selected from over 300 submissions. As a forum for the spatial, and partially looped, interactive and even sculptural presentation of audio-visual art, the exhibition complements the screening formats of the film programs. All displayed works compete for the Golden Cube that awards the best media installation of the exhibition Monitoring. It is endowed with 3,500 € and sponsored by the Kassel located software company Micromata GmbH.

Sometimes, if one narrows down the perspective, a much clearer image then emerges when using a wide open focus. We squint our eyes to sharpen our view. With the concentration directed at a certain topic and at selected matters, exemplary questions may be discussed, which in this way can surpass a mere factual analysis. Images take over a first selection, we find a kind of prefigured view in them: artists’ decisions about inside and outside, focus and background. They bring us very closely in touch with motives, which are to be understood emblematically. Not the singular gesture counts, the chosen object is still enough by itself. Moreover, they serve to re- veal structures, visualize relations and, even as a symbolic form, to illustrate abstract motives and intensify them.

Jasmina Cibic Building Desire
Yves Netzhammer, Jolanda Gsponer, Annette Brütsch u.a. Dedications: Die Installation – Peter Liechtis unvollendeter Film
Johanna Reich Resurface
Arianna Waldner Bingemer Kassel 9.12.
Maya Watanabe Sceneries