Monitoring 31. Kasseler DokFest

Opening: 12.11.2014
Exhibition: 13. - 16. 11.2014

Monitoring provides a space for film and video­based installa­ tions and other time­based media works of recent years that require presentation formats beyond the classic cinema screen

Geographical places and symbolic spaces may be perceived as many things: as a reminder of historical events, as an atmospheric composition or digitally generated simulation, as a point of reference for our desires or an allegory of the dystopian – these themes run through the very different installations of the exhibition Moni­ toring like a golden thread: We experience discomforting as well as alluring spaces, digitally animated CI­environments and the mystery and threat of military bases. The artistic concept of the installation and films on view go far beyond merely docu­ menting a place – rather, the places give rise to other topics and issues.

Kristina Berndt Gewandel 4
Valerian Blos Farewell, Sweet Memories
Niklas Goldbach The World
Daniel Laufer REDUX
Koen Theys Death Fucking Metal
Ralph Zettl The Established Order of Things