22.01. - 27.03.2016

Winter exhibition - Kış Sergisi

Cevdet Erek (with friends) at the Kassel Kunstverein
January 22 - March 27, 2016

"Three years have passed since my (many) trips between Istanbul and Kassel for the preparation of Space of Rhythms for dOCUMENTA (13). Since then original idea - its "soul" - as well as some rhythms and objects traveled to many places and have changed continuosly.

The invitation to the Kunstverein gives me the opportunity to return to Kassel to develop a new exhibition. Simultanously, this (1) continues the work Space
of Rhythms and (2) introduces new ideas and awakens the hope of refreshing friendships.

The title Winter Exhibition came to my mind immediately when I was invited.
Together with friends, I will experiment with a new piece of work. I had the inspiration for this work during a trip to Germany when I encouted a fireplace video in a hotel lobby. It was winter and the video reminded me how it feels to sit by the fire, to listen to it, to observe it. The opportunities for this have become rare in Istanbul.

Our plan was to have an open fire in the Kunstverein, where we could spend time together. With the help of the Internet we wanted to send it everywhere, but especially to friends in different places in Turkey, where the most of them live.

However, since German fire regulations do not permit open fire in museums, we decided to return to my first idea: to produce a fireplace video which runs both in the Kunstverein as well as online. In another work the consumption of fire wood of a regular household in Kassel during the duration of the exhibition is visualized as an installation. In addition, we want to put up sofas and a table.
Further works will take shape during the construction of and the exhibition itself accompanied by discussions, sounds and performances. And I will bring along already existing works: a new version of Day (2012), Ruler Day Night, Ruler Centenary (a tip of the hat to the documenta work Ruler) and more. Finally I’ll bring a drum along.

You are welcome to join us at our fire place."