Wirkus Pries - ARBUZ

Wirkus Pries - ARBUZ
27.04. - 16.06.2019
Vernissage: 26.04., 19 clock

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm
Finissage: 16.06.
11 clock: conversation with Maja Wirkus and Eric Pries

The Kasseler Kunstverein is showing the first joint exhibition by Maja Wirkus and Eric Pries. The installations and collages especially created for Kassel reflect their previous work and exhibition practice as well as their means of questioning spaces as bearers of memories. Photography – and its peripherals – always acts as the starting point.

"We look for pictorial structures, specific conditions of materials and text layers that allow us to investigate the reciprocity and interdependence of different experiential spaces." ARBUZ is one such space in which Wirkus & Pries artistic approach leans towards architecture.

Concrete, as a collage, traces paths, roads, technical models and the open spaces in them. A wall gives space while taking up space. A multimedia installation between image, text and object renders the processes of their artistic research visible.

"ARBUZ is a telling of spaces between fragments, inside discontinuities and near abandonment. For our artistic exploration these spaces are productive places. We look for narratives, not empty phrases."

In this sense, ARBUZ will change over time: photographs and objects will be added, removed, repositioned and the exhibition architecture modified.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Cultural Office of Kassel, Dr. Wolfgang Zippel Foundation, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and the Foundation Kunstfonds.

25. May 2019 15:00

Führungen durch die Ausstellung

Jeden Samstag um 15 Uhr stellt unser Vermittlungsteam Ihnen in einem 45-minütigen Rundgang die Ausstellung ARBUZ vor.
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12. June 2019 18:00

CIAM, die Moderne und die Charta von Athen – Vortrag von Dr. Kerstin Renz

17 Uhr: Künstlerführung
18 Uhr: CIAM, die Moderne und die Charta von Athen – Vortrag von Dr. Kerstin Renz

Maja Wirkus und Eric Pries beschäftigen...
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13. June 2019 18:00

when sport meets art&architecture: Hugenottenhaus


Treffpunkt: Waschhaus der GWG, Hersfelder Str. 35, 34127 Kassel
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16. June 2019 11:00


11 Uhr: Dr. Dirk Pörschmann, Leiter des Museums für Sepulkralkultur, im Gespräch mit Maja Wirkus und Eric Pries

Der Eintritt ist frei
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