<3 wetransform

<3 wetransform

February 16th - March 31th 2019
Opening: Friday, February 15th, 7 pm, Judith Seng - #Alliances

This project is an experiment. It is based on ideas of participatory art and aims to explore the possibilities of a common art production. The artistic works are created by cooperative actions. Not the exhibit but the cooperation of the participants is in focus here. 

wetransform brings together a sequence of five workshops of the artists Vanessa Braun, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Stefan Mildenberger, Judith Seng und the collective Laura Brichta/Robert Schittko/Sarah Stendl. They have developed projects that require a willingness to talk, forging alliances and the will to collaborate. The artistic works are designed, produced and presented together.

The Kasseler Kunstverein is constantly changing at run time of wetransform.  With each new project the exhibition situation develops further.
In addition to the workshops, the Arte Útil Archive forms a central location in the exhibition space. It was initiated 10 years ago by artist Tania Bruguera to bring together projects around the world that understand art or artistic thinking as tools of social change. Visitors are invited to use the archive and activate it as a place of discussion. The archive is available for events, meetings, debates amongst others. 

15.02.2019 >>> 7 pm
Judith Seng

19. – 23.02.2019 >>> by individual appointment
Stine Marie Jacobsen

03. – 16.03.2019 >>> during the opening hours
Vanessa Braun

17.03.2019 >>> 2 - 8 pm
Stefan Mildenberger

22. – 24.03.2019 >>> Fr 4 - 7 pm, Sa 11 am - 15 pm Uhr, So 11 am – 15 pm
Laura Brichta/Robert Schittko/Sarah Stendel

31.03.2019 >>> 15 pm

wetransform is sponsored by the Kulturamt Kassel, the Foundation Kulturwerk of the VG Bild-Kunst and Micromata GmbH.
The work "Direct Approach" by Stine Marie Jacobsen is funded by the Danish Arts Foundation.

15. February 2019 19:00

Judith Seng - #Alliances

Eine Aktion zur Eröffnung des Projekts.

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17. March 2019 14:00

Stefan Mildenberger - What if Your Hardware is on?

Sunday, 17.03. 2019 >>> 14:00 – 18:00
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22. March 2019 16:00

Laura Brichta, Robert Schittko, Sarah Stendel - Am I a Digital Person?

FR/SA/SO 22.–24.MÄRZ 2019 >>> FR 16:00 – 19:00, SA 11:00 – 15:00, SO 11:00 – 15:00
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31. March 2019 15:00

Finissage mit Abschlusspräsentation

Wir möchten Sie herzlich zur Finissage unserer Ausstellung <3 wetransform am Sonntag, den 31.03. um 15 Uhr in den Kunstverein einladen.
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