Monitoring 34. Kasseler DokFest

Opening: 15.11.2017 um 19 Uhr
Exhibition 16. - 19.11.2017

Monitoring provides a space for film and video-based installations and other time-based media works of recent years that require presentation formats beyond the classic cinema screen.

Is it possible to create a new reality through fiction? Do we need utopia, to find alternative ways of thinking about the world? Are images able to not only document but also create history? The philosopher Armen Avanessian has quite a clear answer to these questions. He describes the visionary power of science fiction as “the better, if not even the only possible realism.” According to him the ability of art to experiment freely bears the potential to end politi- cal gridlock, to generate progress and therefore “win back the future.”

In the Südflügel as well as the Kassel Kunstverein, this year’s Monitoring ex- hibition will be presenting media-installations, all of which offer a speculative perspective into an utopian or dystopian future and by doing so, shine a new light on the present.

Tilman Hornig GlassBook, GlassPhone 
Annkathrin Kluss Hyperreal Camouflage 
Marlene Maier Food only exists on pictures 
Maximilian Schmoetzer Preliminary Material for 2022 
Ralph Schulz Testimonials