Köbberling & Kaltwasser: FULL STOP. FOREVER.

Köbberling & Kaltwasser: FULL STOP. FOREVER.
05.04. - 01.06.2014

The internationally reknown artist duo Folke Köbberling and Martin Kaltwasser concebtrate on the effects of the current mobility culture on our society. The special space formations that are created by these, make it possible to efficiently and anonymously move in the Transit: interchanges, car parks, bus shelters. They are all part of our everyday culture, never becoming a point of rest or never establishing a relationship. 
Eyes firmly on the future - utopia in their suitcases, the artists dare appropriating these places. Be it in the form of revitalization, enhancement or destruction: The sense of possibility is always the focus of their work. I.e. their attempt to make a speeding train stop in the small American town of Marfa, which was taken of the regular train schedule 29 years ago.
The delusion of optimization is symbolized in Crushed Cayenne – A collision frozen at the moment of the impact. In the deconstruction of oversized luxury SUVs the possibility of a fresh start is implicated: Material can be reused!

Hope can be found in experiment, in creative concepts and alternatives, contrary to the linear thinking of efficancy. Anyone can develop ideas of society, politics and urban space. These are presented in the Transit Kitchen, a specially equipped laboratory kitchen at the Kunstverein.

The current exhibition Full Stop. Forever. presents works of the artist that had been created and presented all over the world as well as newly created ones. These can be seen at indoor and outdoor spaces. For Folke Köbberling who grew up and studied in Kassel, the exhibition also offers the first opportunity to show her work in Kassel to this extent.