Jules de Balincourt: AS FAR WEST AS WE COULD GO

Jules de Balincourt: AS FAR WEST AS WE COULD GO
23.01. - 15.03.2015

We proudly present the first institutional solo exhibition in Germany of French-born and Brooklyn (NY) based artist Jules de Balincourt. The internationally renowned artist will show a selection of works made over the last ten years as well as works he has created especially for the exhibition at the Kasseler Kunstverein.

I am interested in the odd combination, free associative narrative that happens when combining over 30 paintings and a loose, open ended narrative that is derived from it.
–Jules de Balincourt

The paintings are a gentle yet powerful exploration of everyday stories big and small derived from the artist’s globalized life and transcribed through his fluent and gestural pictorial means. De Balincourt usually works on several paintings simultaneously. This method creates a dialogue between the various places and range of real life encounters he chooses to depict. Each work forms its own cosmos, a parallel world fluctuating between utopia and dystopia. Civil wars, oil crises, cartoon-like explosions, maps tracking various journeys, text fragments, cityscapes and imaginary nocturnal beach scenes are just some of the themes explored in his multi-faceted paintings which span figuration and abstraction.

With the multi-layered visions that de Balincourt creates in his paintings, he surpasses and transcends reality. The dialogue he creates between his parallel pictorial universes suggests what the world could be.