Jen Ray: "Hits"

Jen Ray: "Hits"
01.02. - 16.03.2014

The Kassel Kunstverein from February 1 until March 16, 2014, shows the work of the Berlin-New York artist Jen Ray. Her large scale, watercolor drawings impress through their surreal staged worlds which are woven into wonderfully light way, different designs, styles and eras. Ray is a master of witty and humorous collages.

"Men do not exist in my paintings, but they are present," said Jen Ray in an interview. Her paintings are populated by women. Female warriors who act erotic beautiful and powerful cool. They govern counterworlds that fascinate, because the subjects are fed from the world we live in but they still remain alien. The images are animated distorted mirrors of our reality.
Since 2009 Jen Ray also stages public performances, which become integrated parts of her exhibitions and films. The actresses enact strong women in military or mythological-looking costumes. They act by means of symbols and metaphors from the realm of sex and violence. The music is full of strength and energy. "Yes, they are destructive," says Ray, "but I want my characters to do what they have to do, I will not hold them back."

During the exhibition at the Kasseler Kunstverein Jen Ray will let these alter egos occur not only in paintings but also in a performance. They will become bubbling sources of association and fantasies for visitors.