Capitalist logic and the language based on it – Newspeak – enable psychopaths and perverse narcissists to wreak havoc in the core of our social system. Evil is banal, it is universal and it has a shared language. Evil transcends our imagination. The disciplinarian glance and the microphysics of power culminate in the subjective contemplation of the antisocial and narcissistic personality disorder and of Silicon Valley autism. These categories colonise our thought world and the collective madness homo sapiens is caught up in becomes symbolically visible. Madness is an evolutionary advantage (Pääbo): no limit. The psychopathology of disturbances and the lack of empathy lead to the discovery of glitches and mutations. Antisocial homo sapiens is coldblooded and manipulative; he is hardwired to seek his own advantage and will stop at nothing. A Starbucks Vanilla Latte is worth more than the life of a human being. The 'Other' is reduced to the function of bearing witness to one’s own grandiosity and one’s own monstrosity, 'it' becomes part of the narcissist’s inflated ego. As individuals we have acquired the knack of holding our own against psychopaths, as a society we are powerless. As a collective we fail to take evil into consideration, the Californian wolf in sheep’s clothing, and therefore face extinction. Existing as human beings is unthinkable without empathy, nevertheless empathy ranks as a human handicap. Human beings without empathy do not deserve that name. We cast a limitless glance at a highly dysfunctional family (grandmother, mother, father, daughters, sons), at causes and effects and extrapolate from individual fault clusters to society. What is evil per se becomes 'hyperreal' if it is made visible and it can then be controlled (Baudrillard). Post-capitalist logic and the language resulting from it – Doublespeak – will make it impossible for psychopaths, Californian autists and perverse narcissists to wreak havoc in the core of our social system. This is a fictitious exhibition. Any resemblance to real persons or circumstances is unintended and purely coincidental.

Curated by Michelle Kasprzak