PELES EMPIRE, founded in 2005 in Frankfurt, is based on the Romanian historistic castle Peles. Its architecture distinguishes itself by arbitrarily combining and copying established styles and can be viewed as a symbol of the principle of imitation. This principle of copying and juxtaposing different materials and styles, and the resulting "infiltration" of the "original", also characterizes the style of PELES EMPIRE. The work is always closely related to the architecture of the exhibition rooms. At the Kasseler Kunstverein, the partly deconstructed moment of the "Sternhochhaus" is picked up and the characteristics of the rooms are highlighted. Based on the spatial structure almost functional elements are created such as shifted columns, space separators, and objects that raise the question which of elements were already at present and which were added. According to the principle of copying and combining, the existing marble-copying tiles of the rooms were used and combined with tiles, which were printed with fragments of earlier work. Sculptures capture the 2D space plans of Peles Castle in their structure and simultaneously fulfill their practical function as their own light source. 

It is important to note that while the architecture is being used, it remains in its structure. Thus the history and the human intervention at different times are revealed.