Florian Meisenberg: The New World Hotel

Florian Meisberg (born 1980 in Berlin) plays in numerous works with the separating and connecting function of surfaces. Canvas or screen become permeable and active in the sense of a membrane or interface. In his paintings, as in his series Continental Breakfast, Overmorrow at Noon (2012) he uses the binder oil for in addition to oil paint for the production of images. The oil penetrates, mingles with the image carrier and leaves stains. These become central elements of the composition next to the painted areas. In his films, he records his actions with a special software on the computer. He positions the viewer in a voyeuristic-interested over the shoulder glance. The aesthetics of imagery reminds of the countless DIY videos on the internet. Meisenberg’s How-To-Create-An-Artwork refers to the film documentations of art creation procedures of Picasso or Pollock. He feeds the disire for participation in artistic processes as his famous predecessor, without exaggerating it with an avant-garde significance.

After his vocational training in Media Design Florian Meisberg enrolled at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Art (2004-10) in order to study painting with Peter Doig. He now lives and works as a painter, illustrator, performer, video and installation artist in Dusseldorf and Brooklyn / New York. Numerous exhibitions and awards have led to a greater public awareness of its work. With a big solo exhibtion at the Kasseler Kunstverein his multifaceted artistic oeuvre can be seen on a large scale for the first time in Germany.